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I Could have used a little more time for the Plain Air Painting below, but it was time to leave. The Painting is 2'x3' on Herring Bone Canvas Board. This Painting is done in abstract impression.     

This is a Painting I just started, It is just Gesso with a little toner, sketched with a pencil, at this point

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  Below is a photo of my restored Scout. 

 This Surreal Painting below I Named "Packet"


 The Oil Painting above, I named "Bayou"                      and is 2 1/2' x 2'

 I call the painting below "Dance Hall" 


  Below is "Trees" Painted 5/10/12 work in progress


   The canvas I used in the painting below is rare,     used on Classic Rolls Royce seats.


 Above, the Painting "Windsurfing".                          

Check out the short story I wrote.

at Vista Winery

  "Stay Frosty"  "Wine Barrel"



 I hope you enjoy    looking at these paintings & Photos